Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Steve Jobs Personally Blocks Tawkon Iphone four Radiation App

Israel-based developers of Tawkon, who have currently released their app for the Android market place last year had been keen to exploit the iPhone 4 death grip problem by releasing an iOS version of their radiation detection computer software. Nevertheless, Apple instantly blocked the application from appearing in an official capacity so the provider has gone underground and released it on the Cydia retailer as an alternative.

Apple have to have been fairly severe about blocking Tawkon as it is believed that Steve Jobs himself put a quit to is with two little words No Interest.

In the past Apples iPhone 4 has suffered the so called death grip problem which dampens the signal strength of the telephone. What most folks dont know is that when the telephone is in this state it is emitting greater levels of radiation as it attempts to re-acquire a signal. Tawkon is supposed to detect these levels. The video beneath shows this in action, as you can see the presenter holds the iPhone 4 ordinarily and the app shows a secure level of radiation, she then switches her hand position to the death grip and at this point you can see the radiation levels starting to rise to red.

Im not totally certain how they measure the radiation levels, but its one thing to do with the RF parameters that are extracted from the device. So it measures the proximity of the telephone in relation to the users hold on the telephone, and if he locations it subsequent to his ear or on his lap. This apparently then enables them to establish the exposure level.

Mind you, as we mentioned earlier the condition is also identified about on Android phones and the provider even has a Blackberry app that can measure the radiation, so its not just a predicament with Apples telephone.

Nonetheless, the provider feel so strongly that users require to know what levels of radiation they are being exposed to that they have set up a public petition to force Apple to make their app appear in iTunes.

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