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Presto 1781 23-Quart Aluminum Pressure Cooker/canner Assessment

This Pressure cooker/canner is a high caliber gadget that lets you to use it both as a significant pressure cooker and as a pressure canner for a variety of ingredients - especially low-acid foods, where pressure canning is the sole safe technique to use according to the USDA. This ware has been promoting in sizeable numbers and is amongst the most beneficial promoting kitchen cookware gadgets of its type. But is it truly worth it?

What You Should Look For In A Pressure Cooker And Pressure Canner

* Aluminum Vs. Steel: The former heats nicely and cost is less, but steel will survive longer.

* Size: every pressure cooker calls for added space to create up steam, which you need to take into account into your selection.

* Pressure regulator: quite a few cookers have other techniques of showing the present pressure and holding the pressure inside a particular range.

* Safety: Pressure can be unsafe, so it's sensible to choose a cooker/canner with integral protection.

* Warranty: It really is recommended to seek a ten year+ warranty.

* Cooking Rack: deciding on cookers having a cooking rack will permit you to cook above the water.

* Handles: larger pressure cookers will need handles on both sides for straightforward movement.

Attributes Of The Presto 1781 23-Quart Aluminum Pressure Cooker/Canner

* 23 quart size pressure cooker/ canner

* Holds 20 pint jars/ 7 quart jars

* Made from added-powerful warp-resistant aluminum

* Remain-cool handles

* Can be employed on both normal and smooth-top ranges

* Powerful lock steel lid

* Pressure gauge automatically makes it possible for you to keep a constant pressure

* Comes with cooking/ canning rack to let liquid to circulate underneath jars

* Air vent and cover lock indicates pressure will only create up once the cover is appropriately closed

* Instructions and recipe book

* 12 year warranty


Several shoppers have critiqued this item and the feeling is quite positive. In general, shoppers are stating how thoroughly this works as a pressure cooker and canner. The fact that it delivers dual usage as both a safe canner developed for low-acid foods and a significant pressure cooker entails it is nicely worth the funds you'll invest, specially regarding it's backed by a truly impressive 12 year warranty.

Most folks are untrusting of pressure canning simply because of the safety concerns, although this pressure cooker/ canner has quite a few safety features to stay clear of any unsafe circumstances. An overpressure plug is created to release pressure if it becomes too high, and this pressure cooker restricts the pressure to 15psi (an all-important safety feature to have in any pressure cooker). The cover is locked on throughout its use, cannot be opened until the pressure has gone down.


Getting a 23-quart pressure cooker, it entails that it is sizeable and that it can also be employed also for canning and can do so at 20 pints at a time. This makes it truly large and quite heavy.

There are some mixed reviews when it bears on the capacity of the canner. Some shoppers have remarked that they were only in a position to use it for 18 pints, instead of the advertised 20. Other people, nonetheless, have stated they can fit 20 pints just amazing.

If you are primarily going to use it as a pressure cooker alone, don't forget that cookers in smaller sizes expense less than this model. Even so, the Presto 1781 23-Quart Aluminum Pressure Cooker/Canner is quite respected and suggested when it concerns canning both high and low-acid foods.

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