Friday, 23 December 2011

Memoir Writing 101: How to Interview Loved ones Members

Embarking on the journey of memoir writing is thrilling and healing. But occasionally you may possibly acquire your memory has a few holes in it here and thee. That is the time to break out the paper and pencil and hit up the relatives for an interview. Follow these steps and youll conveniently fill in those memory gaps.

Make a list of household members who could be able to fill in your memory gaps. Include things like household members who could be able to add a bit of their own stories also. Their memories will add depth to your memoirs.

Whatever you do dont show up for the interview with nothing but a smile! Create a list of concerns ahead of time. Be prepared!

Laugh, smile and above all, LISTEN. You are not there to do the talking you are there to ask top concerns and listen. Make your household member comfortable.

Keep the interview under an hour. People today quite often go off on a tangent when talking about themselves. Keep reeling them back in by checking your prepared question list.

Tapes get garbled in some cases. Power failures take place and you wont be able to interview your household member. Take notes even if you are utilizing a tape recorder. Jot down essential details and sketch drawings (of places, homes, etc.) even though the household speaker is talking. But be careful even though jotting down notes that you are not LISTENING.

Ask open-ended concerns. Open-ended concerns that demand full sentence answers from the interviewee.

Transcribe the interview tapes and/or notes as soon as achievable. You want to get the transcription part of the interview completed even though the interview is still fresh in your thoughts and in your heart. I guarantee that if you wait to transcribe the tapes, you wont look at them for one more ten years!

A few common cautions:

? Dont ask concerns that have yes or not answers. These will not further the discussion and you want the interviewee to maintain talking.

? Never tape any person with out first asking permission to do so.

? Never share the interview results with any person unless the interviewee has given you permission to do so. Respect your household members privacy.

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