Saturday, 24 December 2011

Affiliate Theme For Affiliate Marketers And Bloggers Evaluation

1 of the preferred subjects I like to do reviews on are tools which can make an Affiliate Marketer or Bloggers Life a small less complicated. Lets face it, millions and millions of webpages are in blog format if not billions, and to this date there are only a couple of genuine fantastic Wordpress Themes are definitely produced to monetize ad-sense and affiliate programs. 1 of them is known as the Affiliate Theme for Affiliate Marketers and Bloggers. Don't forget not too lengthy ago having to go inside and hack your code just to get an affiliate banner on it? And breaking a sweat just before you FTP praying of course you did not crash your whole blog? I've been there and accomplished that, so when I heard about this Blogging Tool needless to say it had my attention.

To begin with I want to mention that even right after realizing about this blog I have to say that there is nevertheless a ton of improvement to do in the area of Blogging Tools. Even so, recently and I'm referring to late 2008 and early 2009 a ton of fantastic Wordpress Plugins have began coming out like the Wordpress Plugin for Google Analytics as nicely as an Seo Plugin that will even let you pick out your own filename which is totally numerous from the Title as nicely as enter your distinctive description verses Google having to pull a random section or the first couple sentences from your posts in the SERP's.

The cause I wanted to speak about Affiliate Theme is considering that it has some fantastic capabilities worth mentioning that perform for Affiliates that want to use a Weblog to make it less complicated to earn multiple revenue streams from one domain. They give you 6 custom layouts you can pick out from. A good number of affiliates manually update multiple layouts so they can split test their landing pages. With this software all you want to do is enter all your Affiliate Offers and Tracking URL's and then alter the layout. This enables you to effortlessly split test your affiliate offers. No alot more developing multiple variations of your landing pages.

Also built in Affiliate Theme is a Built-In Color Picker so you can instantly alter the color of your Affiliate Theme with the selection of deciding upon thousands of color variations for your theme. You can alter a lot alot more than just your background color, you can alter the color of just about everything including the post headlines and button rollovers. What makes this numerous than the rest is this theme is particularly coded to not only be User-Friendly, but Seo friendly as nicely. If you can write the headlines and page copy, this software will take care of the rest of the battle.

Considering that we've purchased Affiliate Theme we've already had three updates. I think you obtain a life-time license upgrade. And the cool factor is if you obtain the highest priced package which we did, you get added free of charge header graphics each month as nicely as forum access and upgrade eligibility. The highly-priced package is only $197.00 or so, and the least highly-priced package is about half the value. With the least highly-priced package you only get to use the software on one domain. This is essentially the selection you pick out if you want to go all out and build one enormous authority website or just have one business you will be applying it on. But if you are thinking about or have multiple blogs and you want to build multiple revenue streams inside numerous niches, then I'd very advocate the $197.00 package which is what we got.

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