Thursday, 2 August 2012

The Food Network Serves Up Clever Branding

Guiding the kitchens at the Foods Network, they&rsquove been cooking up some vey savvy branding - for the Network as as clearly as for its person hosts.

Rachael Ray and Sandra Lee are the two biggest manufacturers. The way they are mareketed
supplies a exceptional branding lesson: you can occupy the exact positioning within just a market, however very own a distinctive brand that sets you apart.

Unique Brands with the Same Positioning
The positioning these two stars occupy is a person of authority in your home-doing benefit: speedy and easy, top quality meal preparation for hectic women of all ages (mostly). Nevertheless each has been able to carve out a separate and unique brand within just that exact space.

Taglines that Form Brands
Rachel Ray&rsquos empire is develop on the basis of her terribly emphatic tagline &ndash &ldquo30 moment meals.&rdquo The title states it all. Sandra Lee&rsquos tagline is &ldquosemi-home made meals&rdquo - preparing meals with the help of pre-packaged elements.

It is effectively the exact positioning, but with no need of the precise time time period that Ray uses. The implication is the exact: you&rsquoll be able to prepare top quality meals at your home a lot quicker.

Although the two have been able to establish an authority position within just the benefit field, curiously, their authority does not appear from sector qualifications. The perception of authority they have been able to develop happens from their completely unique personalities and presentation, as clearly as their person tales.
They discovered how to cook on their very own, either mainly because they had to (in Lee&rsquos scenario) or as in Ray&rsquos scenario, her mom was in the meals program business, and an avid cook

Leveraging a Model Into Different Merchandise
The two have been been able to leverage their manufacturers to design and showcase a number of services. Some of Lee&rsquos branded services incorporate: Sandra Lee Semi-Do-it-yourself Cooking, Sandra Lee Semi-Do-it-yourself Desserts, Sandra Lee Semi-Do-it-yourself Cooking II, Sandra Lee Semi-Do-it-yourself Grilling &hellip she even ventures into Rachael Ray&rsquos turf with Sandra Lee Semi-Do-it-yourself twenty-Moment Meals.

Rachael Ray&rsquos branded product or service line features cookbooks, such as thirty-Moment Meals, thirty-Moment Meals two, Rachael Ray's thirty-Moment Meals: Cooking 'Round the Clock,
Rachael Ray's thirty-Moment Meals for Young ones: Cooking Rocks!, Rachael Ray's thirty-Moment Get Actual Meals: Take in Healthy and balanced Lacking Likely to Extremes, amongst people.

And mainly because the two of their manufacturers have been established in a really scalable market &ndash your home benefit, they have been able to effortlessly develop their product or service lines past meals, into the additional reaches of your home-doing, on Television, in print, etcetera. (Lee genuinely started out her brand in the your home-doing field and then went into meals).

Identifying Completely different Marketing Angles Within the Same Market
In their services as clearly as in their reveals, their distinctive personalities, appear, and fashion etcetera. additional differentiates their manufacturers from a person some other. But the variation is created on a basis of effective taglines that embody completely unique internet marketing angles within just the exact market: thirty moment meals vs semi-home made.

The lesson the following is just mainly because an individual else possibly will have established an authority positioning in a market you want, doesn&rsquot imply you can&rsquot design a diverse, however highly effective brand within just the exact space.

Nonetheless attempts to copy or simply imitate a brand within just a market position will not only fail, it will mark you as inauthentic. You have to be able to consider completely unique angle so you can carve out your very own space within just the market you want.

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