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How to Turn into a Flight Attendant

How about flying around the globe, staying in 5-star-hotels and obtaining paid for it? Nowadays here, tomorrow there, just after tomorrow who knows. Luxury hotels and nice passenger, a fashionable uniform worn with lots of pride, belong to the elite, admired, even though some men and women will think of you a waitress.

Only 10 percent of the candidates survive the choice procedure. Flying can be fantastic and as well exhausting, continuous time and climate differences anxiety the organism, also the radiation above the clouds is not yet completely explored. The thrombosis danger, dry skin and mucous membranes, extreme back complications and continually altering working occasions come together. Psychic and physical fitness is prerequisites, simply because the passengers are in vacation mood, the flight attendants are in anxiety. Anyway: Get a nice book with flight attendant stories, you wont regret it.

The advantages and disadvantages are obvious: brief learning, phase, but the occupation is not officially recognized, high salary on the other hand strongly fluctuating working occasions incl. weekend and holidays versus additional expenses and additional privileges (for example on board duty no cost sales commission) language bonuses, bonus everywhere (for example when getting a new automobile at Common Motors), transition supply till the early pension age, educational vacations, no cost courses etc, but weakened immune program, high danger of accidents and conflicts, a lot leisure time on the other hand the private life goes often down the drain, new contacts but complications to uphold the old friendships, high responsibility, four stars hotels versus jetlag. You are replacable anytime, working circumstances are becoming harder. Before there had been 7 days off in Far East, right now there`s minimum rests, less no cost days and recovering time at continually climbing flig ht hours in the air, you likely have heard about that in the news. Significant corporations freeze the salaries and quit to hire new staff, decreasing salaries is forbidden by law. And don't forget: A disease like asthma etc. and your dream is over. At the moment the flight market is in the high flight, despite September 11thand Air France crash.

If I didnt express it clearly prior to: You are on board mainly for the security, service comes at second spot. You will be trained for fire fighting, to act adequately and fast in emergencies and to take rescuing measures and responsibility and to give very first aid. Besides this you will prepare foods and beverages, customs regulations and security regulations, Country infos, gastronomy and etiquette. On your education strategy will be very first aid, technology and etiquette. Training units like teamwork, passenger care, conflict resolution, fire training and evacuation, too. Training spot and duration as well as circumstances and major focuses vary from one airline to the an additional.

The tough facts are the following: Minimum age 18, height 157-175 cm for ladies and 1,75 to 1,95 m for guys, ideal weight (around height in centimeters minus 100 or Body measurement index of 20 and 25), superb well being, no allergies or respiratory complications, heart, urine, blood, lungs, eyes etc. will be tested, glasses or lenses + / - three diopt., second language passport without travel limitations, police certificate and realizing how to swim. Candidates with encounter in a service profession or as well completed education are preferred. It is not a superb concept to lie about weight, former work etc., simply because it will be controlled. .If your interviewer finds out about your untrue statements, you are excluded from the additional choice approach and blocked.

What else should you bring: You show serious, but friendly personality and a groomed appearance, as well under anxiety, you are diplomatic and simultaneously you have a high anxiety level, service willingness, you are engaged, reliable and responsible. You speak an additional foreign language, enjoy foreign cultures and are operational anytime. Then, you will likely not have any huge complications with the suitability tests. Language understanding also is on leading of their request list. The conversation with a native speaker modifications from one second to the next and can be held in a few languages this depends completely on your interviewer. Significant value has additional sociability and team spirit. You must bring over a positive overall picture already in the telephone interview. The personnel managers call this soft abilities.

If they like your application, then they call you for a telephone interview. Right after this very first hurdle you obtain an invitation to the so-called Assessment Center. Prepare your self well for this necessary day. You might possibly not be late, on the other hand, you should not be more than 15 minutes too early. Go through your records and papers prior to. Do not forget your passport and the pictures.

Tests usually repeat questions. They are going to acquire out your strengths and weaknesses fast. You are called to separate conversations with psychologists and to group dynamics as well as you are confronted with challenge situations. Common situations are: Passenger to fat for safety belt, double booked seat, couple doesn't sit together, tomato juice poured over pants, hand baggage at the emergency exit, dispute among passengers, a male passenger becomes pushy, passenger doesn't want to buckle up, passenger notices in the air, that he/she forgot some thing at the gate, flight fear, passenger wants to go into the cockpit, passenger complains about colleague, passenger smokes, vegetarian meal is missing. Those tests are attempting to acquire out your anxiety limit, your communication capacity, your speak to abilities and your flexibility. Language tests are typically a number of selection, usually concerning occupation-pertinent matters. A superb concept is to get a book fo r flight attendant training. P.S.: Tattoos or piercings, if you have one, might possibly not be visible.

Possibly one will try to make you nervous, remarks like: Your hair is not fashionable enough, youd superior wear red nail polish, you are over the weight limit Please, dont lose your confidence, answer politely, but definitely, look for solutions. Appear open for assistance or requests and listen well. All points, that are discussed with you, are written down and at the next interviewer, will definitely come back to this point, even weeks later.

The usual application questions: What do you know about our company? How will be a typical working day? Why did you decide for this profession? Expect questions like: Are you ready to move? How extended do you require from your apartment to the airport? You applied at other airlines? (They can manage that). What do you feel are the advantages and disadvantages of this profession? How does your household feel about it? Also surprise questions are common: How do you recognize a superb red wine? What is the capital of the Arab Emirates? Youll discover all this in the course later.

On the last interview day there will be the medical check. You will have a complete exam by flight physician. Of course, you dont have any illnesses, allergies and so on, if so, you are going to fail.

If some thing should be criticized, candidates are usually invited once again at a later time, usually just after one year. This should gives you the possibility to work on your self and to develop. You can apply once again and in the meantime you have the possibility to comprehend their suggestions.

If you decide to do this job in your additional life, you can be a future chef steward or trainer. Consult the request profiles of the distinctive huge Airlines for additional information and facts on the net. Check as well on flight attendant training schools, exactly where skilled coaches prepare you specifically for this job: How you introduce and sell your self the perfect, what is required and how you can avoid breakdowns. You discover what this job will bring to you, you acquire out exactly about you and you can possibly close existing gaps. You will lose your nervousness and you will appear convincingly and naturally. Candidates are trained for the telephone interview and the psychologist tests as well as for the separate conversations and the group dynamics.

High quality luck and content landings.

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